Who we are ?

Anning Decco Fine Chemical Co., Ltd was founded in 1996 and started his operations in 1998. It is a joint-venture set between Decco Postharvest (UPL limited group) and State owned Yunnan Anning Chemical (Anhua). 

We are located at Kunming, Anning in the South West of China.

Anning Decco is a specialist of natural Shellac products,

It is runned by an international management team, the total staff has grown to a total staff of 40.

Our products are exported all over the world (USA, Spain, Italy, France, Germany Israel, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, Japan...)

International quality and production standards

Anning Decco manufactures high quality and pure natural shellac in a very clean environment and using the most advanced techniques.

Natural refined shellac is considered to be a direct food additive (E904) as per leading regulatory agencies around the world.  Anning Decco is a US FDA registered facility.  

It operates in strict compliance with industrial and labor laws of the People’s Republic of China.  

Anning Decco applies global standards of food additives and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) throughout its operations. 

Anning Decco complies with all applicable environmental standards in China.  

All waste water and solid waste are treated and comply with Chinese discharge standards.

Development of specific shellac products for your needs

Our research and technical department work to develop our products to meet a wide range of specific user requirements in many different field of application.

Our international team is carefully working and listenning our customers to deliver high and constant quality products.

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