03/21: 20 Year Anniversary Celebration





Kunming, Yunnan, China – March 21, 2016


Anning Decco, one of the leading Shellac producers in the world, just celebrated its 20-year anniversary.

This joint venture is operated and mainly owned by Decco, world leader in post-harvest products and services to fruits and vegetables packers (part of UPL Limited group), in partnership with Yunnan Anning Chemical (Anhua), a dynamic state-owned explosives company involved in roads and construction.


Shellac comes from a natural gum resin secreted by the lac beetle which lives on trees in subtropical regions of Asia.  Natural shellac is edible and recognized globally as food additive.

Decco is the only post-harvest company self-manufacturing this key ingredient for use in fruit coatings, protecting against decay and weight loss while keeping produce healthy, tasty and attractive.


Anning Decco is the largest producer of Shellac in China and the second largest in the world, exporting to many countries. It is a US FDA registered facility, Kosher certified and applies good manufacturing practices high quality standards to remain in strict compliance with US, EU and Chinese regulatory requirements.



At the ceremony gathering most of the 40 employees of the Company on March 1, Francois Girin, Anning Decco Chairman (and President & CEO of Decco Worldwide) declared =


“This successful venture between two very complementary partners (Decco bringing its worldwide commercial channels and specific process technology, Anhua providing essential local support and resources) had been very meaningful since its formation in 1996 then first full year of production in 1998. We have provided high quality material to offer coating solutions thanks to our modern facility and the dedication of its teams.


I am pleased to announce that the Board has decided an expansion of our company, with the construction of a new facility allowing for expanded capacity and production of new formulations in order to serve more markets beyond fruit coatings, including demanding pharmaceutical and ingredient applications. Construction is slated to start later this year and to be completed by mid-2017. We are excited at the prospect for further expanding our activity. As a result a new 20-year partnership was recently extended”.




Francois Girin (Chairman) and Thomas Robert (General Manager) with long-term employees present since the start of operations.




 Anning Decco employees group picture during celebration dinner and visit of Francois Girin (Chairman) and Shyam Kamdar (Decco CFO)


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