What is Natural Shellac ?

Shellac is a natural gum resin secreted by the lac beetle (lacciferlacca) which lives on trees in tropical and subtropical regions.  The natural gum resin is harvested from the trees and then processed and refined into flakes and powders of pure natural shellac resin.

Shellac and its uses

Natural shellac resin has unique properties and is used in various applications such as: Fruit coatings, Confectionery (Candy & Chocolates coating), Pharmaceutical (Tablets coatings) as well as several non-food segments.

Shellac is used as a 'wax' coating on citrus fruit to prolong its shelf/storage life.  It is also used to replace the natural wax of the apple, which is removed during the cleaning & washing process.  In these applications, the wax coating prevents moisture loss (shrinking, shriveling of the fruit) and preserves the textural and eating quality of the fruit.  When used for this purpose, it has the food additive E number E904 which is recognized and adopted worldwide.

Shellac is also used as a glazing agent on pills, food, chocolate&candies, in the form of pharmaceutical glaze or, confectioner's glaze. Because it resists stomach acids well, shellac-coated pills are used for timed enteric release.

The industrial uses of shellac include its use as varnish, floor polish, wood finish, adhesive and sealing wax.Shellac was historically used as a protective coating on paintings.

In the cosmetics industry, shellac is known as a nail treatment that lasts longer than regular polish.  It also gives it a better glossy finish.

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